Alison Tyler

Cuffing Kate

I just finished reading this story, I have to say it’s not one i’d re-read, I didn’t seem to connect with it very well, I found the smaller details were explained too much and the main story dragged, we were given a lot of detail on the day to day life of Kate and her room mate but no only did she lack any real character (i’d of gone ape if my flat mate had told a guy I liked about my bedroom antics)  I felt like we learnt a lot about the flat mate and little about Kate when it should of been the other way around, i’m use to slow started and over detailed beginning on long stories (2 books or more) but in a short story it lacked any amount of lusty parts and too much informing.


Story: 3 (just not exciting enough)

Cover: N/A (part of a 6 story collaboration book so no cover offered)

Charaters: 4 (I feel like we didn’t delver deep enough with Jules and too deep with Sonia)

I’d look at purchasing another possibly longer story and still following Alison 🙂

TJ x


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