April Liala

Another Day at the Office


I picked up a copy of this short story to pass some time on a recent trip, I was looking forward to some light reading unfortunately from start to finish this book was quite hard work, along with the often use of past and present terms in the same sentences there was alot of reverting back to speaking to themselves via speech bubbles which had me constantly checking i haven’t missed another person in the room.


The story begins mid way through a work party, towards the middle of the story we are taking back to when she got the letter saying she’d got the job she was currently in, sadly towards the end things hadn’t got much better when we are thrown back to the party given around 6 pages of the same text we started the book with.


I wouldn’t right this author off since i purchased the book some months ago but i’d be sure to check reviews before another purchase


Story: 3.5

Characters: 3.5

Cover: 3


TJ x


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