This Is Me

Who am i?

Good question, i often ask myself, I’m a mother, fiance and daughter, to date i’ve read around 200 erotic Novels/Novellas and 6 love stories :/ clearly i need to play catch up with the latter, i love reading, i love writing so here i’ve put the two together and offer my opinion on books i’ve read, i’m quite blunt, very honest and occasionally overwhelmed, i don’t read reviews on books before i purchase them so i’m clearly a little contradictory in that sense but i feel it’d cloud my own opinion if i did, i welcome other bloggers/readers to comment on the books i’ve written about and if you have a story in mind you’d like reviewing or you need a reader for something you’ve written yourself then i’m here to help.

I don’t get paid to review, i don’t get free stuff from Authors and sadly of all the Authors i follow and read from i’ve never met one in person (although book signings are on my bucket list)

So….if you want to read up on what i’m reading, want to know what to read next or just want to review your latest read…here’s a blog for that 🙂Image


By the way you can reach me at if you have any questions or queries 🙂