Bec Botefuhr

Stolen – Bec Botefuhr

It’s not often I’m shell shocked but my god this book was powerful!

I have cried, laughed, squealed and cried some more reading this book, the story is about two lovers who seem to lose there was so many times it’s almost like they are destined not to be together, this is stronger than any book I’ve ever read, the intensity and sheer power of the words and story lines in this book moved and shook me like no other, raped, child abuse, prison, stabbings, shot, cheating, neglect and being ignored, thrown away and disregarded by the love of your life has to have some lasting effect on you but Em seems to take it all in her stride when Blake is by her side, i’d of crumbled and given up, if you aren’t afraid to shed a tear, be unable to put a book down and fall in love over and over with Blake then you need to read this book, it is definitely in my top 5 books, so much so I don’t think i’ll ever forget it, i’ll be sure to Keep an eye on Bec’s work and I suggest you do to! 🙂

Story: 5

Characters: 5

Cover: 5

TJ x


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