C.L. Parker

A Million Dirty Secrets (Million Dollar Duet, #1)

I paid for this book (i noted alot of ARC reviews)

I paid more than i normally would for this book but i’d been sent an ARC of book 2 so i felt it only right to read book 1 first, i’m not disgruntled about paying the amount i did for it, it was a good book.

It was a little 50SOG in some parts such as the taking the virginity scene and some of the other sex scenes but the story line wasn’t the same and it was more a hard love story than a kink story, two people that under any other circumstance meet and everything goes wrong for the pair, she’s bratty and he’s a hard ass, the problem is…she loves his ass literally, she’s obsessed. When Noah finds out some background on Lanie he’s overcome with so many emotions it’s all too much and that leaves Lanie alone, very alone.

I can’t wait for book two, i didn’t find the sex scenes too extreme or over thought, the dialog didn’t drag and there wasn’t too much background story to bore us to death between pages, my only fault would be that for how selfless and thoughtful Lanie is to her family that she wouldn’t in the 2-3 weeks the book covers have more contact or calls/texts from them.

Story : 4.5

Characters: 4.5

Cover: 5

TJ x

A Million Guilty Pleasures (Million Dollar Duet, #2)

I was given and ARC from NG for an honest review
I was gutted when i got to the end of this book and it wasn’t everything i had hoped it would be from the last read.
I was so set up for an amazing carry on that when i got to the end i felt a little like ripping my hair out.
The first quarter of the book read just like the first book, after than it got a little tiresome, the sex scenes became repetitive, the phrases and speech dragged a little, it was still a good read but not as good as the first, the end scenes seemed a little rushed, i think i’d of preferred a novella carry on to detail the wedding, birth ect, updated on the grandparents ect instead of the most important details of a relationship put into a few pages.
I’d still follow the Author and i’m sure future books would be great reads, i just felt this one wasn’t so thought out at the end.

Story: 4

TJ x


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