Cherise Sinclair

Club Shadowlands

A longer story than i thought it was when i began reading it but i think any shorter and we wouldn’t of got everything we needed from the story, i really enjoyed this read, it showed that although BDSM can be a little scary, a lot exciting and very emotional it also doesn’t have to involved scary men in full leathers wielding 8 foot whips and 3 foot long cocks (just for a change). It was a great story about a women who stumbled upon a lifestyle she didn’t even know she was missing from her life, the varying from his pov to her’s was great, i love hearing what the other person thinks and feels, it showed that whilst these people weren’t in the middle of a love story and didn’t get married by the end of the read they also were pasted the point of casual sex which was a happy medium, it went into detail about the lifestyle many books don’t cover and it involved lots of players without overbearing us with too much information about them all.

I’d definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for a good read, not a quick read, the sex scene’s were moreish and not too ott and i’d be sure to follow the author, it’s a great intro to kink reads.
Story: 5
Characters: 5
Cover: 5
TJ x

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