Claudy Conn

Prince in the Mist

This book is both adult and supernatural, make sure it’s your thing before getting into this book as it’s one of about 10.

The story begins when a Fae Prince go against his queens rules and mixes with humans, he falls in love with one and must protect her and her son from her husband along with their neighboring cousin who’s father was killed and she is in hiding.

This was one of my first SN books and i quickly bought more however i’m well aware not everyone likes them and there is a fine line between getting it right and getting it very wrong, i felt Claudy got it right and have followed more works because of it.

Story: 4.5

Characters: 5

Cover: 5

TJ x


Shee Willow-Legend

This is the second book i’ve read from this author, whilst i still struggled just  a tad with all the terms i found it refreshing to read, the plots and twists really had me thinking and restored my faith in ready this type of book, it was a longer read than i thought it would be but it needed to be to ensure we got the full picture, The story involved a confused young women who didn’t really fit anywhere which rings true with alot of people at some point in their lives, eventually she finds what she’s looking for in a man however things don’t go to plan and she has to work hard.

I’ll look into reading more of this type of book and be sure to follow the author.

Story: 5

Characters: 5

Cover: 5


TJ x


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