Crystal Cattabriga

Torn Souls

This book is a Young adult book, there’s no sex or relationships involved, well not in any depth.

It does however go into detail the troubles bullied teens face every day in schools and was a great read.

The book really got under my skin as it’s a problem close to my heart and to read the ways this girl was both abused and was supported was very comforting, it’s often a taboo subject among not only teens but also adults and even parents but i think this book really showed what can be done with some real hard work and it was great to see bullies get there comeuppance .

I’d suggest this book to any teens and young adults and even some of the adult readers i know that aren’t into erotica, it’s a great read and i’d read more from this author.

Story: 5

Characters: 5

Cover: 5

TJ x


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