Book 1 of 2 Indelible Love – Emily’s Story  


I love, love, love D. W. Cee, everything I’ve read has been brilliant, I loved Indelible Love and i suggest reading this before reading Jake’s version, i preferred Jake’s version but simply because i found more emotion in the book, i don’t think i’d of understood everything if i hadn’t read Emily’s version first though.

It’s a book about two people that are meant for each other….that end up hitting every bump in the road through out their relationship and how they come out the other side of it, eventually, i loved that there was also a spin off set of books based around Jake’s sister and Emily’s ex, it’s a great read and i’d suggest following D. W. Cee as she’s very active online and often offers freebies and blog posts.

Story: 4.5

Characters: 5

Cover: 5


TJ x


Jake’s Story – Indelible Love Book 2 of 2

Now i’m reviewing this story a little backwards as i recommend you all read ‘Indelible Love’ first which is Emily’s story however on a recent road trip i reminded myself that my kindle has Jake’s story on it so as it’s the most fresh in my mind i’m reviewing it first.

Jake, Jake, Jake….he sounds quite dreamy and throughout the story you can feel the love he feels for Em, he’s smitten with her from the get go, it’s a basic love story with so many twists and turns i feel dizzy thinking about them, anyone looking for a story that doesn’t consist of 45%+ of sex then this is your story, I’ve enjoyed it both times I’ve read it and i’ll definitely read it again, He’s a stubborn man, a doctor of the heart which is fitting and he’s adamant he’ll marry Em within minutes of meeting her 🙂

There’s a pesky Ex in there who is described  and talked about much more in Emily’s story but we don’t hear too much about Jake’s ex’s, it’s a bitter sweet story that goes into details about how Emily lost both her parents and how Jake’s family excepted her like their own, they met, broke up and moved apart too quickly and got back together, got married and had babies even quicker but it worked for them.

I loved the chase, loved the fact the no matter how hard each one tried they still missed each other at every chance and then finally came together , i’ll read Emily’s story again soon and no doubt cap it off with Jake’s again.

The downside….for me personally was the last few pages involving the children, baring in mind i’m into Erotica and not a huge reader of love stories so i’m sure alot more people will enjoy it than not however i just found the whole ‘scene’ a little sickly sweet, reading twice that he thought his daughter was more beautiful than his wife was a little harsh but understood and the whole kissing noses, squealing responses and rocking too sleep was almost too much, maybe if we’d covered the birth a little more it wouldn’t of been so much love in a short chapter 🙂

Anyway! my overall thought is Read it!! since first buying the story i’ve found there are now add on’s to it including Emily’s ex Max’s story who appears to be in a relationship with Jake’s sister Jane.

Cover: 5

Story: 4.5 (i’d of liked to of heard jakes take on the birth, first month and his Ex a little more)

Characters: 5


I just finished reading this book and I’m still reeling in it, it was jam packed with confusion, upset, turmoil and love.

The story is about a man and women that meet, fall in love and have a child, when the man leaves this earth (or the earth in the book) she then find another man, falls in love and a has a child however with so many twists and turns it’s hard to keep up, after reading the snippet given at the end of Jake’s story I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I was shocked by the age of the characters and how exasperated everyone seemed through out the story, I felt both bad for Paul and happy for Olivia, Ollie sounded wonderful and Ian must of been Paul reincarnated, all in all it was a wonderful love story, the sex filled out less than half  page through out the whole story which made a change for me and not entirely a bad one. I do wish D.w.cee would dabble into the sex scene at least a little since the love was so explosive, I was confused to begin with how there could be two Olivia’s in the story when I read the first chapter and the free snippet and it took me a few chapters to figure it out, I was also a little taken aback when Olivia not only had a baby at 40 but also another at 47 but overall if your looking for a love story that’ll keep you on your toes and keep you thinking this is it.

Story: 4.8 (6 years with no contacted except a slammed door? any love that strong would of found a way, even just a text to explain)

Characters 4.5 (I found Dani hard work to keep up with, almost felt her input was quite pointless)

Cover: 4.5 beautiful and simple but I didn’t see how it connected to the story

Overall, go read it for sure if you like a good love story and a good cry, if your looking for erotica go elsewhere as you won’t find any here


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