E. L. Todd

Only For You
I received this as an ARC in return for an honest review
I fell in love with Scarlet within a few pages, she was sassy, feisty and had a good head on her shoulders, she’s the kind of friend everyone needs and some of the things she said had me in stitches.
I felt for Sean, i think we’ve all had a bad spell with love at some point and it’s not nice however i found myself wishing he got a taste of his own medicine when he used his best friend.
I wanted things to work with Cortland and Scarlet, i really wanted her to be over Sean until he booked up his idea’s and sorted himself out, i was then glad Cortland had found someone new.
Overall the book was brilliant, i felt all emotions when reading it and after putting it down couldn’t stop thinking about it, there were some loose ends that need wrapping up which i assume with happen in book 2 but i wanted to know the mother had died a cruel and horrible death!
My only criticism would be there was a little over use with the word brat, it sounds like a very harsh word (i don’t hear it used often in the UK), like you would say to hurt someone’s feelings and i don’t think scarlet in all her playfulness was being brattish.
All in all I’ll be reading book 2 when it’s released and i recommend this book to anyone that loved a romance novel with some pretty gritty sex scenes in it.
Characters: 5
Story: 5
Cover: N/A
TJ x

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