Eden Bradley

Eden Bradley – Night moves

I won’t lie, i’ve read Edens work before but this was the first short story i’d read by her, wow! if you want lust, voyeurism and exhibitionism all rolled into one this is perfect! There aren’t many books that stray from boys meets girl, girl falls for boy, they have kinky/car/field sex but this didn’t start like that at all, this started with girl gets on train, girl gets turned on….in comes random man = sex which was really refreshing to read.

I have to say i don’t find the term ‘girl’ endearing so all though i understood it’s a standard term for surfer type boys but other than that the story was really good πŸ™‚

I look forward to reviewing more of Eden’s work since i have another 2 books + 1 on pre-order

Story: 5

Characters: 4.8 (everything was perfect except for the southern drawl of ‘girl’ used too often for me)

Cover: N/A (this story was part of 6 story book so no cover was offered)

Enjoy πŸ˜€ x TJ


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