Erika Ashby

Moving Forward

I’m going to review the first half of this book to begin with –

I loved the story line, got caught up and read for an age. I couldn’t put it down and wanted to know more, every detail. I skipped doing any choirs, barely ate all to get as much read as i could, we were taking into the lives of one couple only to have them ripped apart and her left alone with a child, immediately your heart broken for the main characters and then this wonderful man comes along who can fix it all and everything seems against them.

Now the second half of the book…i actually put the book down at the end of a chapter when i remembers i needed to re-hydrate at some point, when i picked it up i found myself skimming, i really don’t like not reading a book word for word but along with all the repeating about her husband and the back and forth over the same information and over explaining i struggled.

We are left on the edge with what happens to her best friend and i made me ‘need’ to find the next book however you can read this as a stand alone if your happy to ignore the best friend.

Overal it was a brilliant storyline however i needed less repeating and less perfect, lovey dovey stuff, love and caring is great but the over the top praising and comments about how perfect each other were was a little too much.

Story: 4

Characters: 4.5

Cover: 4

TJ x

No Going Back

After reading book 1 i couldn’t let go of the shock ending and went ahead and bought book 2, i don’t regret it at all.

The story starts off where the last one ended, with some 2 bit hussy making an entrance with a motive, we could all see it a mile off but Seth didn’t. when that goes tits up you’d think things would settle back down but oh no! So after drama, another nearly wedding and a death things get back on the right tracks but for me that’s where things started to go wrong with this read, i loved Seth, he was the playboy, bad ass, male slut of the band and he was hot. He was transformed into this sweet talking, sloppy ass that made crude jokes, over the top speeches about his undying love and wouldn’t shut up about how perfect his girlfriend was, it was lovely at first to think someone as messed up could fix him but then it just got to much and i wanted to slap him.
There is a third part, a novella from the first MC’s husband but i won’t be buying it, i’d be sure to follow the author and i’m sure the novella is interesting however the character didn’t captivate me and i’m not interested in his version of events.
Story: 4
Characters: 4
Cover: 4.5
TJ x

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