J Kenner


I just finished this book and it was a whirl wind of emotions and heated encounters all rolled into one.
Evan isn’t your usual bad boy, he wants to get clean, he knows he’s wrong but he has his reasons for why he’s here and now doing what he does, Angie is a whole bunch of pent up frustration and needs a sure way of letting it go without too many consequences.
The story line wavers a little before the second intimate meeting between Evan and Angie and i think we’re going to see some bad writing but that doesn’t happen, after the awkward club scene passes (personally i’d of up and left) we get back to why we are all here, the sex…..the scene’s in this book are perfect, it’s not too much kink, tied up in pretty,hot, sweaty bows of lust and heat. I’d recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read with steamy scene however this book isn’t all sex, there is meaning and purpose to the characters, it just take us a while to figure out what they are.

I’d of liked to hear more about ‘Ivy’ and just what Evan was thinking, i’d of also change the C word since it’s loved but some and hated by many but all in all it was a good read.

Story: 4
Characters: 4.5
Cover: 5


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