Janice G Ross

Loving Nate

This story had a heated beginning and a slow burning middle but the ending(s) were both so different.

Without giving you a run down account of the whole story this read is different to the usual reads i have on my kindle, it isn’t full of sex and there aren’t many details about it, the main character Nate is a charming, gorgeous rogue that has Leah having to keep her wits about her not to let him sweep her away with no sense of return, eventually Leah’s perfect bubble is burst and she soon realizes he isn’t everything he promised, when she gives him her all he takes it and keeps on taking, the story almost ends but then the author offers two endings, one is a HEA but not how you would expect it and the second is just plain sad, i felt as hurt as Leah when i learnt Nate wasn’t everything we thought he was but i liked ending number 1’s outcome for him, the story was good and as a short read it passed the time but i need a book that has a definite outcome.

Story: 4

Characters: 4

Cover: 5

TJ x


2 thoughts on “Janice G Ross

  1. I really like the way your rate your reviews TJ. I’ve seen something new here today. This story is somehow very life like isn’t it? at least for some. considering how invested this girl is in that man i can see why your heart would break for her. And the worst is there are lots of real life nates out there.

    Weldome to Fabulosity. both you and your beautiful blog. I look forward to reading more of your reviews.

    Wendy @Fabulosity Reads Book Promotions

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