Jo Briggs

With My Body

This book has more ups and downs than a herd of camels, i fell in love with this book over and over as the story took many twists and turns and then felt grateful there was an end so i could sleep 🙂

Elle is a beautiful model type, Will was a beautiful, mogul type, they fitted together perfectly and things went so well for them both until a sad turn of events changed the whole relationship and things broke down, when things could be corrected there were too many hurt feelings, too much damaged pride and too much love to solve the issues until they are force together and things slowly unravel until they are together once more, i laughed and cried at this book it was so emotional, so overbearing at times and yet i couldn’t put it down until i’d finished it, i didn’t see half of the issue before they arose and it certainly kept me on my toes, the only down side was the book wasn’t (in kindle form) proof read well enough to flow as smooth as i felt it could, i occasionally noticed we slipped from male to female thoughts and back again  in the same paragraph and would maybe of prefer a 3 book series book 1 up until the reconciliation, book 2 her views during and after the separation and book 3 his views, the book was quite longer than my normal reads and i feel some thing could of been delved into deeper if it had been shared over other books however i still thoroughly enjoyed the book and would read more of Jo’s work.

Story 4.8 (the slipping from person A to B and back again in certainly places had be re-reading parts i didn’t need to)

Characters: 4.8 (i wanted to know what Gina’s problem was and why she was okay with Elle, then not, then a little bit, then became estranged although she worked for part of the business)

Cover: 5

Much love



Since reading the book i’ve found that the title and character names have changed since under going an edit, you can now find the book as – Second chances, all is explained at


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