Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man

I…erm…well…i’m a little stumped.

I had heard via forums, blogs ect that this book was a little like 50sog so i was set up for the ‘me cave man, you little lady’ story line, however that wasn’t so much what i got. They meet normally, everything is hot and raunchy and did i say hot? then things get a little possessive, i’ve heard of liking someone but the things this guy does he could be arrested for stalking on several occasions and to be honest it just gets a little creepy, towards the end we get a better feel for why he’s off kilter but it doesn’t explain why after she’s said no, no and no he’s still pushing, then he throws a mad, crazy hissy fit, i mean WTF he’s a grown man, banging down doors and punching peoples faces isn’t something a 30+ year old man should be doing when trying to woo a women, so anyone, the story is basically them making up, falling out, making up, falling out and then breaking up.

I enjoyed the book for what it was worth and the ending was a little crazy which made me want to read book 2 however until i know his next move after being a completely and utter royal ass i’m not sure if i’d recommend it.

Story: 3.5

Cover: 4

Characters: 3.5


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