L. Marie Adeline


So this time i was a little taken back by a book, I wasn’t sure where this story was really going to be honest.

The back story involved her ex trying to make amends and then killing himself, she didn’t care.
The owner of the cafe wanted her, she didn’t care.
The delivery guy, the rich guy ect ect she didn’t care so i was a little put off by her character, then at the end everything back fired and she chose her second choice instead.
The story was there and then towards the end it wasn’t, i wanted to read book two however the write up for it kind of gave away what 75% of the book will be about so i’m not sure i’ll bother.
I’d look at other work by this author but i’m not sure i’d recommend this book.
Characters: 4
Cover: 5
Story: 3.5

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