Lisa Renee Jones

Two notes before i start my review on this book, firstly if you do not have the fund to purchase at least the first two books closely together then i suggest waiting until you can, secondly if you do not like cliff hangers and actually like sleep then i suggest waiting until you can spare the time to get these books read.

If I Were You

Now i’m struggling to find another book as strong as this, i just simply didn’t want to put it down, i was so wrapped up in it i actually forgot about most of my day and just sat reading, now I’ve checked my books and I’ve not read anything by Lisa Renee before but her books and worldwide top sellers so i’m confused as to how I’ve missed her.

The book was one with masses of twists and turns, when you think you know someone and then things are switched over and they become someone else, you fear for lives without expecting it to become a murder mystery, you want to wish the characters together, bash there heads and tell them to sort themselves out but also knowing it could be bad if they don’t pull away now, book 1 leaves so many possibilities i’m actually worried about picking up book 2 in case i abandon normal life for another day.

I’ll be recommending this book to everyone i know that loves a good read and i’ll defiantly put this on my ‘re-read’ list 🙂

Story: 5

Characters: 5

Cover: 5

This book is in my top 10 reads!


Being Me (Book 2 of the inside out trilogy)

I worried book 2 wouldn’t hold as much excitement, passion or lust, i was wrong to worry, Lisa pulled it off as perfectly as before.
It begins where the last one finished, at the unit where we heard footsteps. The story takes on many twists and turns, the most shocking being Chris’s behavior towards the end of the book and the where abouts of Rebecca, I have a book hangover from this book so recommend only starting it when you have enough time in your day to finish it, i neglected everything to finish it because it was so addictive.
I’m worried that now we have a lot of lose ends tied off there won’t be enough drama in book 3 to fill the void but I’m holding out high hopes since i was wrong about this one.
Story: 5
Cover: 5
Characters: 5
TJ x



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