Magda Alexander

Storm Damage

I loved this book from start to end!

I’m definitely a fan of this author and the characters.

It starts with a young women trying to make a way for herself in life with a job, school and little money she’s happy to keep away from men and get on with getting a career however when a smart, sexy man comes along she can’t help but fall for him.

He’s open from the start about how much he wants her, he doesn’t hide his feelings but they both have broken pasts and he wants them to help each other get over the demons lurking around every corner (or in closets)

His mother ‘The Duchess’ has other ideas and whilst planning to marry her son off she threatens his true love with such an evil plan that she can do nothing but remove herself from his life.

It ends on a cliff hanger, he’s in such a bad place he goes for a drive and has a car accident only to wake up with no memory…..i cannot wait for book 2 so i’ve signed up to everything available to get reminded when the due date is!!!

There is a lot more to the story than i’ve shared about but i don’t want to tell you everything before you’ve read the book for yourself, i couldn’t put this book down and pulled a very late night/early morning with it so give yourself time and space to enjoy it.

Story: 5

Characters: 5

Cover: 5

This book is in my top 10 reads of 2013

TJ xx

Storm Ravaged (Storm Damages 2) (Storm Legacy)

Oh my God! I’ve never loved, read or stalked an author as much as I do this one 🙂
I was worried this book wouldn’t hold up to the last one but I wasn’t disappointed.
I had read book one several times and knew the story well so when this book was released I started it straight away, sadly apparently people and animals in our house want feeding at some point in the day so I put it down and then work got in the way and blah blah anyway I went two days without finishing it and boy did I need the rest in order to get ready for the last quarter of this book, the story in the first three quarters is full of twists, turns, love and heart break but the last quarter floored me! I think I may of stopped breathing at one point, alas the book had to come to an end and the author did it to us again, left us hanging on by a thread in wait of book three, I’ll be reading this book again shortly as its one of those stories you never get bored of and I’d recommend it to anyone that wants more than just sex, marriage, the end.
Characters: 5
Story: 5
Cover: 5
TJ x


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