Mina Bennett

Shelter Me

This is an interesting read to say the least, i'm neither Christian nor do i attend church except for Christmas mass with family so it really enlightened me on some of the goings on in a strict Christian family and in church. Unlike others i was more concerned with the fact the MC's husband wasn't found, it worries me to think in the fictional world he's still roaming around doing the same things to others and that's not nice, i also felt there were unanswered questions, what did Mark expect to do/say to explain the removal men if Mari had stayed with him? Surely he knew she'd tell her folks if they'd moved away and told her all the church money had gone too, why marry her and not the others? why did Jacob say they were taking it slow yet they'd already been together sexually and since it's been mentioned so many times in the book about how you can't hide anything in such a small town why did they need their parents to relay messages of them being missed at church, surely they'd be seen around town occasionally.
Back to the story, it was written from two POV's, it's tricky to get the right mixture of thought and speech but the writer managed it well, the story seemed to struggle when Mari started visiting Mark for dinner and as a human with a mind, ignoring the female sensitivity and religious beliefs she should of felt marrying him after the photograph incident was wrong but somehow she managed to ignore all the signs, i was shocked to read about Lily, i expected things to progress further so all in all i feel this story is just a little unfinished, i think we could of missed out a few pages of friends/family chatting, explained the cats illness and heartbreak and moved on to finish the story properly, did she get a divorce, did they tell the police, did the Pastor ever come out of his room and re-take group sessions?

Story: 3.5 
Characters: 4 
Cover: 3.5 

TJ x

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