Primula Bond

The Silver Chain Book 1 of 3

When I  started writing reviews I swore I’d be 100% honest in them without thinking too much about the writers (since it’s highly unlikely they’ll read it anyway) and I’ve kept that in mind for this review

I struggled to get into this story, I found a lot of the chapters confusing and almost pointless, not In the sense that they served little purpose but that they didn’t all tie together to make a whole story, it was as thought someone thought of ten ideas and stuck them together, a lot of the time I was wondering why Serena had such a problem with Gustav’s actions, he seemed to genuinely care for her and we could all see that but for some reason she tried to bolt at every chance, there are a lot of questions left unanswered and the ending was a true shock so I’m left excited bout book 2 however I feel re-reading the book before I start the next may make them flow better, the book starts with a young girl looking to start a fresh and ends with her in deep with a man twice her age, who she barely knows and has only been with a handful of times…it’s very drama filled and not as erotic as I expected so we’ll see what the rest of this trilogy brings.

Story 4 (too much work trying to grasp why things kept going wrong)

Characters: 4.5 (I feel ‘Rena’ is making problems for herself when they aren’t really there’

Cover: 5

TJ x


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