Rebecca Berto


I struggled to get into this book, not because it was a bad read but i felt like screaming the whole way through it.


The story go into detail about a women who could be perfectly happy if it wasn’t for her mother blaming her daily for the miscarriages she has after her, as though it’s one babies fault she couldn’t go full term with others….I got really angry when i read the things this women was saying to her daughter, the abuse she’d put her through.


The best friend doesn’t realize how bad the mother is, the husband doesn’t say anything for his wifes sake and the father is in it for a quiet life so all in all she’s learnt to put up with her mothers abusive streak, the husband has seen the mother become violent and steps in but it’s not as often as the pure hatred that comes from this womens mouth, i hate this women and that’s a very strong women, the author gets a good reaction and i’m sure this is what she was going for, that we as readers feel something for the characters.


It’s a novella so i won’t go into so much details but after the mother tries to take everything from the MC she takes steps to preventing it and eventually see’s this for what it is.


Story: 5

Characters: 4.5

Cover: 5


TJ x


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