Sam Taylor Mullens

Auction Deal

This story isn’t the usual, boy meets girl, they fall in love and run away together, this is the nitty gritty in between where you find out all the bad stuff before the good.

Ella is a head strong lady making waves in the auction rooms and grabbing many mens attention but she swears not to mix business with pleasure and so far has succeeded, that’s until she runs into Lance, he’s gorgeous and well groomed and Ella can’t keep herself away from him, even though she’s trying really hard.

The story is based around an auction item that everyone wants but soon after the auction ends everyone involved wants to get rid of it and Ella and Lance soon find out why when they come close to death.

In this story you learn what the heat between to people can bring and with it how close you need to be in order to stay strong, we also find out what can happen when one of those bonds breaks and how things can quickly go wrong.

Characters: 9/10

Story: 8/10

Cover: 7/10

TJ x


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