Saskia Walker

Going Down

I have to say that this was a story that caught my attention from the very beginning and then left me a little lost, I enjoyed the chase and maybe i was hoping for a little more of that before it felt like all the sex, lust, rock and roll where crammed into the last few pages, i wanted the story to carry on a little more, stretch out the period in which all the excitement went on for, no so much the time frame in which it was set but a few more pages to give us a little more detail on the goings on rather that the ‘in and out’ if you like.

I’ll be sure to check out Saskia Walker’s work in future but wouldn’t recommend this story for those that don’t like to be left hanging.

TJ x

Story: 3.5 (i needed more information between the sex)

Characters: 4.5 (i didn’t feel a connection to Armand)

Cover: N/A (it was part of a 6 story book so no cover was offered)


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