Sylvia Day

Sylvia Day – Bared to you, a Crossfire novel, Book 1 of 5

Over the last few months I’ve read this book around 6 times, sometimes on and off sometimes all the way through and twice with no breaks or interruptions just the total trilogy (back when it was just to be a trilogy)
I enjoyed this book just as much and maybe more than 50 shades, the two series are getting compared alot but i found i liked them both for different reasons, whilst 50 shades was and all round sadistic love story bared is not, it’s a story of an on off, in out, round about relationship just like most people have had at some point in their lives, alot of people can related to having a best friend in toe when we’ve met that someone special and we’ve had emotional roller coasters with the loves of our lives, not everyone has entered a dungeon play room and been spanked before we’ve even met their parents……so let’s not compare the two any further, if you enjoy one you’ll enjoy the other but for different reasons.

I love, love , LOVE the fact that there was 3 books, then 4, now 5…..i’m honestly excited to read the story further and excited to learn what else is in store for these 2/3/4 main characters, i’m also excited at the prospect of hearing things from Gideon’s point of view as opposed to Ava’s but lets concentrated on book 1 rather than all 3 currently for sale.

I love Gideon because he’s so fucked up if he just learnt to speak aloud they wouldn’t have half the fallings out they do, i love Ava because while i can’t put myself in her place due to the fact she’s a blonde i can related to the up, down roller coaster of being in love and not knowing where you stand, I’ve also done the fluffy PJs and crawling in and out of bed when things go wrong, thankfully we both appear stronger for it 😀

I love the chase that Gideon gives the readers….he doesn’t just bed her, he does everything in his power to keep her, hold her and sounds like he may not take another breathe unless she’s there, it’s overall wonderful without the over the top sickly love stuff other books give you.

If you want a good read that exciting, a page turner and keeps you coming back for more i 100% recommended either booking the day off work or starting this during a work free period, i sat up until 5am to finish it and felt so rough the following day.

The overall story in book 1 was fun, exciting and shocking, i’ll review book 2 at a later date as i’m midway through another book, I’d like to add that if you have read 50 shades 1,2 or 3 recently can i suggest finding a free novella or another story you have to hand to read before starting this book, whilst the stories are somewhere different i found myself waiting for characters from 50SOG to come into B2Y and found reading another story helped me forget the bold stories from one book to another.

This is my opinion, i’m a self-blogger, i don’t read other people reviews, i don’t get paid to review and i give my honest opinion, sadly without wanting to upset writers if i don’t like their books and they read my blog they’ll know but i hope they’d prefer honest opinions to make better reads in the future 😀

Cover: 5

Story: 5

Characters: 5



Sylvia Day – Reflected in You, a Crossfire novel, Book 2 of 5

Where to start with this one? Well i didn’t see the nathan thing coming. Anyway let’s keep this as thought you’ve not read the book, well! Gideon pushes the boundaries out in this one, we learn a tiny bit more about his and half of the book is repeats of what was stated in the first one, who’s who, why’s it’s the way it is and what belongs where…..after all that’s out of the way Gideon pushed Eva so far away i personally would of ran in the other direction but for some reason, against the personality a personal issues we know she has she stays.

We don’t find out until the last few pages the big issue for Gideon but when we do you’ll sit back and go….Ah! makes sense, i’d still of ran though. I enjoyed the first half, the actually story but for me i found the second half lacking any real structure, it was just a diary of Eva and where she went, what she did…i’m sure in book 4 all those snippets will add together but at the moment it was a little empty.

Without telling you every other plan/plot in the story in the next paragraph there isn’t much left to say on this book, i drifted in and out of it and didn’t find it as page turning but i have higher hopes for book three and will continue to follow the story of Gideon and Eva.

Cover: 5

Story: 3.5 (i feel like things were missing, Eva didn’t react as her natural instinct told her to and she got over the pushing away from Gideon far too easy, alot of the book told us what we already knew from book one)

Characters: 4

Sylvia Day: Entwined with You – Book 3 of 5

Well…reading this was like a whole new story, whilst i still found myself saying ‘yes we know that bit from the last book’ it wasn’t nearly as often and looking at the story with fresh eyes i realized that if you didn’t know the previous book then A. it helped and B. why are your reading book 3 before book 1 and 2 😀

The story took a whole new turn, i felt the love on a deeper level between the two people, i felt more involved in the relationship, not just like i was reading words on a page but like i was right there with them, i found myself wondering why some people said and did the things they did and getting excited about the answers i may find in the next book, i particularly want to know where Megumi is as i fear for her safety and also i want to know what Gideon and Deena were talking about at the dinner table. Overall whilst i still love book one for it’s chase and thrill i loved book three for not taking the mushy, lovey pace most third books do, i’ll continue to follow Sylvia and reviewing her books but for now we’re all waiting on book 4 and there’s no release date in sight *sigh*

Characters 5

Story: 4.8 (i found myself on edge because of Deena and Megumi, i’m able to rationalize truth and fiction but i’m not able to forget there’s already been two murders in this book)

Cover: 4 (i bought this book for a Kindle but having seen the two covers available i really didn’t like the green/travel tags)


TJ x


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