Tara Sue Me

The Submissive – Book 1 of 3

I loved this book for many reasons, it was a less soppy, more head messed up version of 50 shades (the book says ‘before 50 shades’) i don’t like to compare books as they all have their own merits however there are quite a few scenes that fit into both books, the story is based on two main characters Nathaniel and Abigail, he’s a mogul, she’s a librarian, it’s a contract type relationship to begin with but by the end of the book you learn there is history that wasn’t explained in the beginning so the story sort of clicks, it was quite racy in places but i felt like we never really delved into the reasons behind Nathaniel’s behavior/sleeping/piano playing  so i was glad to learn there’s more books and i’m hopeful we’ll learn more about both characters along the way. The story was very deep in the world of sub/dom exchanges and the whole kitchen table/dining table idea was completely new to me and i likes the fact it didn’t shy away from basing it’self more on the BDSM lifestyle without it simply being about humiliation and degradation. I would of like to have heard more about Nath’s days without Abby when they broke up, maybe an excerpt of conversation between the two cousins retold by a friend? anyway, it was nice to see the second book on the shelves of local superstores instead of having to find it online only as i may not of heard about the writer any other way. I look forward to the second book and i’m sure you will too.

Cover: 4.5 (the whole collaring puts some people off as they assume it’ll be BDSM heavy, i didn’t feel it sold the story well)

Story: 4.5 (i’d just like to of learnt a little more about Nathaniel before he declared his love for Abby

Characters: 4.5 the story didn’t seem long enough to explain both peoples thoughts or feelings, maybe in book two?




The Dominant – Book 2 of 3


Wow!! everything i felt was missing from book one i found in book 2, every bit of information i craved and every unanswered question were sorted out from this book, why is it we love the books from a dominants (normally males) point of view so much?

This book was the perfect amount of love, lust, dominance and fucked up, i suggest anyone looking to enjoy a good on off story reads this, everything that is wrong in other books is right in this book, i read book one assuming book 2 would be an extension of that but when i realized it was actually the same book but from Nathaniel’s point of view i read it almost as soon as i woke up and didn’t put it down until the break up scene, i knew it was coming, i’s set myself up for it and chose that moment for the school run, dinner and bed time story before i picked the book back up to read that part, it was heartbreaking, reading Abby’s turn of events were like most break ups when your the one left behind, we all could tell Nath still cared for her but until you read his version you don’t realize how bad he’s got it.

The story line no longer lacked the answers i wanted from book 1 and i have to say i’m left both excited and wondering over what book 3 will have to offer 🙂

Story: 5


Characters: 5

This for me was an all round perfect book and i’ll be following Tara Sue Me much more closely



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