Xcite Books

Bite – An Xcite books collection


This is a collection of 5 supernatural short stories, each as kinky as the next.


Bite – Debra Castellano


A fun, hot short story about a married couple, it’s nice to read something that doesn’t involve a twisted ex or psycho mother, the story explains the heated passion that’s put on display with a Vampire wife takes her Human husband, i’ll definitely look into move of Debra’s work.


Remembering Adelaide – Olivia London


This was a different read for me, everything started great, carried on great, then the ending had me questioning the whole story, in a good way, it involved two young guys that meet a women …who…..isn’t really a women, not in the sense she’s a man, well read it and you’ll see 🙂


I Am The Moon – Tabitha Rayne


This story wasn’t one of my top reads, that’s not to say it won’t be yours it’s just not a fantasy of mine being a ‘light’ meat eater to be ravished by/near or on stuffed animals by…an animal, it was fast, strong and kinky, i’ll be sure to check out her other works as she’s clearly good at the most adventurous kinks.


Innocent Demon – Lynn Lang


What a great story, normally when they involve spirits and god i’m always a little put off as the meaning can often be a little too deep for this kind of read however this was light and almost playful in areas, it went into depths the feeling and thoughts involved as well as going over the line just a little in a good way,i enjoyed the book and would look into more reads by this author.


Unfinished Business – Lucy Felthouse


Damn!! that story got me, I actually cried at the last line on that story so watch out for it!!

It’s a supernatural story about a girl who died and seeks out her on/off lover, they end up together again in a lust filled romp and eventually she slips away, happy and content.


I loved this set of stories and it was a great way to get over a heavy, long read before starting another.


TJ x


Story: 4

Characters: 5

Cover: 5



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